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Driving sustainability glocally

Yes Bank, one of India’s top five private banks, caters to tomorrow’s businesses of India. Built on a customer-centric and service-driven model, the Bank transformed itself into a ‘full-service commercial bank’ by expanding its presence across the banking value chain. YES Bank is the first Indian bank, and among the first in the Indian corporate sector, to release a Sustainability Report (2016-17) based on the GRI Standards issued by the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI).

A symbiotic approach

In this report, the management wanted to highlight how the Bank was leveraging its A.R.T (Alliances, Relationships and Technology) approach to achieve sustainability targets in a dynamic, interconnected world. An initiative of this nature called for well-conceptualised content backed by clean artwork to depict each of the six capitals – Human, Manufactured, Natural, Socio-Relationship, Intellectual and Financial.

Sustainability aligned with corporate strategy

We arrived at the ‘Leveraging ART for Glocal Sustainable Impact’ theme to convey the Bank’s innovative and inclusive approach towards stakeholder engagement and collaboration, while reinforcing the impact of its sustainability initiatives at a glocal scale. The report also helped establish the Bank’s community alliances to amplify its sustainability impact, both internally and externally.