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Making sustainability personal

The Mahindra Group has been an early adopter of sustainability on the corporate front. They wanted to encourage their people, spread across the globe, to make sustainability practices an inherent part of their personal lives, beyond the workplace. The Mahindra team worked with us to conceive a concept that could uphold the small lifestyle changes that lead to a bigger and lasting impact on the planet. 'Chota Action, Bada Impact' (Small Action, Big Impact) came to be the
underlying theme.

The Company wanted to identify and recognise employees who were making smart and important lifestyle choices that led to conserving and caring for essential resources like air, water and energy. We took the digital route of mailers and used illustrations to convey hard-hitting facts and actions that are simple yet often overlooked.

A format that explained cause, effect, action and impact in a simplified manner was used to encourage Mahindra employees to make sustainability a personal endeavour and work towards saving the planet.