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Facilitating ‘future-ready’ reporting

Tata Motors is one of the largest automobile companies in India and a leading global manufacturer of passenger cars, buses, trucks and utility and defence vehicles. Part of the salt-to-software conglomerate, the Tata group, the Company – under its ‘FutuReady’ strategic initiative – is positioning itself at the forefront of the paradigm shift being witnessed in the global automotive market.

Many firsts

The 2016-17 Annual Report was a complex project as the report contained many firsts. This was the first time Tata Motors was reporting at a consolidated level with the integration of Jaguar Land Rover's performance, as well as adopting some of the key principles of Integrated Reporting. We had to interact with different teams at Tata Motors to identify the most efficient way of producing a combined report for two significantly diverse businesses. As Integrated Reporting is still at a nascent stage in India, it required significant research on our part to align those principles to specific aspects of Tata Motors’ business. We presented the business model in a simplified way, showing how the Company’s strategy, risks and capital resources were interconnected with a focus on sustainability and green technology on mobility.

Futuristic approach

We adopted a futuristic design framework – using a combination of clean lines, colours and graphics – in line with the theme. The imagery covered a broad spectrum of automotive products, reflecting the beauty and robustness of each machine.