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Ensuring communication
keeps pace with growth

Annual reports are a part of JK Cement’s comprehensive communication strategy and AICL has been its constant companion for the past 10 years. The Company has expanded its footprint from three plants in Rajasthan to nine across India. JK Cement has seamlessly straddled the commoditised end (grey cement) and the branded end (white cement) of the industry, while aggressively ramping up its installed capacity. JK Cement is now one of India’s leading
cement manufacturers.

The key challenge was to ensure the Company’s communications keep pace with its exponential growth. We adopted a strong, bold and far-reaching thematic approach to outline the Company’s performance and sustainability agenda. For the 2014-15 Annual Report, we celebrated its grey cement capacity expansion to
10 MTPA with ‘The Power of Ten’. In 2015-16, we brought ‘Capacity. Capability. Credibility.’ to the fore. We used innovative designs and visuals along with smart text and typography to reinforce the themes.

We not only communicated JK Cement’s brand identity, plants and people, but also helped redefine the Company’s disclosure standards. We ensured such disclosures meet the highest benchmark of transparency – a hallmark of the Company’s strong values rooted in the legacy of its 125-year-old parent, JK Organisation.