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Communicating a deep-rooted belief

At Dr. Reddy’s, the credo 'Good Health Can’t Wait' takes precedence in everything the Company does, while driving its industry-leading performance. The challenge for the 2016-17 Annual Report was to present the facts - a resilient and rooted organisation in the face of an annual performance affected by global and local headwinds.

The storytelling approach

In keeping with the storytelling approach, the narrative in the report delved deeper to discover various real-life incidents that stood in testimony to the Company’s rooted credos, across the globe. Four case studies with a ‘problem-innovation-solution-outcome’ approach served as theme stories, supporting the overarching theme of ‘Accelerating Access to Good Health’. With globally relevant examples showcasing the development of innovative solutions for those in need, the Company's patient-centric focus was highlighted.

Distinct by design

The narrative was complemented by a design which was strongly brand-led, with minimal iconography and interlaced with product and people images, emphasising the organisation’s focus areas. With a case-specific approach and clean-style design, we were able to produce a document that spoke for itself and for the brand
at large.

“Through two editions of our annual report, AICL has understood and procreated the essence of Dr. Reddy’s brand and all it stands for succinctly. The AICL team’s deep expertise on the statutory aspects of the report, combined with their keen creative proficiency, has ensured a consistently high-quality outcome in its form and content.”

Calvin Printer, Vice President and Head of Corporate Communications, Dr. Reddy's Laboratories Ltd.