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An inspiring brick-and-mortar story

Shoppers Stop began its journey at the onset of economic liberalisation in India and was instrumental in triggering the nation’s retail revolution. From local to international fashion brands, home décor to childcare and books to groceries, Shoppers Stop has since become an integral part of every household.

Transforming retail

Despite the rapid growth of online discounted retailers and fierce competition from peers, the Company continues to grow at a phenomenal pace by deploying disruptive technologies, driving a ‘people first’ culture and making the supply chain smarter. That’s why we chose ‘Transformation’ as the broader theme to highlight the Company’s focus on talent, technology and supply chain.

Energising the brand

We conducted extensive interviews with the MD's office and the Corporate Communication team to understand in detail the initiatives undertaken to 'transform' the SS brand – a brand that succeeded in carving out a distinct identity in the overcrowded Indian retail sector. The information was summarised in a crisp and concise format with generous use of images from Shoppers Stop campaigns. In keeping with the brand identity, the entire report was in black & white, which gave it a classic look and feel. The outcome was a tribute to the dynamic environment in which Shoppers Stop operates and to the continuous improvement measures undertaken by the Company.

"Working on the 2016-17 Annual Report for Shoppers Stop was both a challenging and rewarding experience. Shoppers Stop being a first-time client, we were pleased to deliver a timely and qualitative report that signified the current outlook and focus of the company."

Moumita Sanan, Associate Director – Business Development and Client Relations, AICL Communications Ltd.