Our purpose: Impactful communications
for a stakeholder-driven world.

Who are we?

We are a stakeholder communications consultancy helping organisations build better relationships with audiences that matter.

We offer integrated, platform-agnostic services across corporate reporting,
sustainability communication, employee engagement
and brand communication.

Since 2008, we are partnering large and emerging companies, nonprofits and public bodies to effectively express who they are, what they stand for, how they are performing and where they are headed. This fosters better dialogue with investors, employees, communities, partners, customers and society, resulting in stakeholder trust and loyalty.

Our team of 60 diverse professionals blends strategic thinking with content-led creativity to articulate investment cases, drive people engagement, reinforce commitment to sustainability and strengthen corporate brand.

We combine intelligent insights with passion to solve complex communication challenges, which makes us interesting people to work with and work for.

  • 10+

    years of experience

  • 300+

    clients serviced

  • 850+

    projects delivered

  • 150+

    awards won

What defines us?

We are a small organisation working to create significant impact. We are guided by a set of beliefs that we hold above anything else. They define who we are.

people first People are the centre of our universe - audiences our work speaks to, clients we deal with and members of our team. We always strive to be human in our approach.

intelligence in action Our solutions are rooted in intelligent ideation and execution. Our people
reflect these traits and are respected for
being smart. 

clarity and candour We say things as we see them, without shrouding thoughts and advice in ambiguity or jargon. Being independent helps in no small measure. 

always learning Knowledge is a moving target. We are hungry for information and insights that drive everything we do.

creative in context Creativity that is relevant to its context is sacred. Our visual expressions go beyond the obvious while maintaining pragmatism and perspective.

results matter Driving returns for investments made in us and by us is paramount. This, however, is not the same as coming cheap. 

challenges welcome Low-hanging fruit does not excite us. The fire in our belly comes from punching above our weight to make a real difference. 

The way we do it

We deliver end-to-end integrated solutions through a confluence of relevant capabilities.

  • strategy

    Experience and expertise come together to transform briefs into powerful solutions that work. This is made possible by our deep understanding of stakeholder aspirations and operating realities.

  • content

    Research and editorial capabilities meet our love for storytelling to create content that is compelling and relevant. We engage with our clients intensively to understand their business and build their story of value.

  • design

    Function over form is our design philosophy. Our visual expression brings strategy to life creatively while being pragmatic.   

  • delivery

    We more than 'see things through', taking responsibility of the entire project life-cycle. Our cross-media execution strength ensures the message gets through – from the big picture to the smallest detail.

  • 130+

    live clients

  • 60+

    team members

  • 2



We have been consistently recognised by peers, industry bodies and media (both trade and
mainstream) for our thought leadership and pioneering efforts in stakeholder communication. We
have won 150+ awards from various national and global bodies for our work and entrepreneurship.
These include awards from the British Council, The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India,
Kyoorius Creative Awards, LACP, ARC and ABCI.

AICL wins big at the
LACP Vision Awards

Brand Bazaar

Arvind Agrawal
profiled in Entrepreneur

AICL recognised as
one of India's
Small Giants