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When consistency and change coexist

Zee Entertainment Limited (ZEEL) has emerged as one of the most valuable entertainment companies offering content across the value chain in multiple languages with a strong presence in 171 countries and over a billion viewership. The 2015-16 Annual Report needed to reflect how the Company was focussed on sticking to its core values while revamping its business to adapt swiftly to the changing needs of customers. The report was required to depict this dichotomy of Consistency and Change as concepts that were distinct yet
inextricably linked.

Deep and dynamic by design

The design was based on a visual twist created using vibrant images from the Company’s TV shows. The typography was created as a unit with a fair bit of overlay and overlap to keep it as interesting as the brand it represented. The outcome was a beautifully designed, classic black cover that provided depth and dynamism to the theme. The insides of the report were a riot of colours and vibrancy, coupled with emotive content, features and narratives on ZEEL’s strategic priorities and overarching theme of growth, change and future.

An immersive virtual experience

We also rolled out the online version which was created by reorienting content of the print version in a user-friendly way. We ensured that every section of the 180-page report was accessible within two clicks at most. We also created several functionalities to enable the readers download a section of the report without having to download the entire document. The final visual outcome was an immersive virtual experience with added utilities for visitors wanting to access it on the go.