Communicating confidence and resilience in difficult times

Vedanta is one of the world’s largest natural resource companies. It is global and diversified – operating across multiple commodities and four continents – with a track record of consistent growth. An important stakeholder in India’s progress, Vedanta prides itself in demonstrating resilience through the cycle. Vedanta’s 2015-16 Annual Report explained how the Company withstood a crippling global slowdown and crash in commodity prices. It outlines how the Company navigated this cyclical downturn to emerge stronger and protect its free cash flows.

A clear picture

The annual report highlighted the Company’s strong portfolio along with its relentless focus on operational excellence. Critical sections such as the business model, KPIs and a strategic framework were defined clearly for investors and readers to understand the operations better. A detailed account of the market environment and performance across businesses was provided in the operating review for those wanting to deep-dive.

Through a comprehensive coverage of the sustainability and corporate citizenship initiatives, the report provides validation of Vedanta’s licence to operate.

Narrative highlighting resilience of portfolio. Lucidly explained business model for clarity.

Value through action

The challenging operating environment notwithstanding, Vedanta outlined the actions it is taking to assure stakeholders, protect value and leverage emerging opportunities for the future. The vision and way forward were articulated clearly in the management messages.

Stark imagery and well-structured layouts accentuated the focus on transparency and honest communication. This design philosophy straddled both the print and digital versions, providing ease of information access.

"Our annual report provides a detailed insight into our strategy, governance philosophy and value creation mindset. An accurate representation of the business reality allows investors to understand the ways in which Vedanta is working to meet its strategic objectives."

Tom Albanese, Chief Executive Officer, Vedanta