Making a case for a
makeover maestro

Greenply Industries Limited (GIL) is India’s largest interior infrastructure brand. The Company has been manufacturing and marketing quality plywood and engineered wood products for over three decades for residential and commercial customers. For the 2016-17 Annual Report, we chose the theme ‘Experience meets Expertise’ to reinforce Greenply’s exceptional track record as one of India’s most trusted lifestyle brands and positioned the Company as a trendsetter in the
fast-evolving sector. Various emerging opportunities were also explained in detail to help stakeholders appreciate the Company’s value-creation potential.

Expertise explained

The Company’s marketing and brand-building initiatives, upcoming facilities and operational integration were highlighted in a well-structured format that also detailed the management’s depth and breadth of expertise. We deep-dived into various strengths and practices that were enabling the company to redefine lifestyle across a wide consumer cross-section.

Relevance and materiality

We ensured the report adhered to the highest standards of disclosure and transparency with an extensive focus on manufacturing facilities and capacities, KPIs and people. The business segment review highlighted the core strengths of each division, with risk-mapping and mitigation measures. The management reviews underscored the Company’s future priorities and provided the framework for sustainable value creation. The design treatment was illustrative and playful to help further the narrative.