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Showcasing the evolution of a conglomerate

Piramal Enterprises has evolved from being a pharma pure play to a diversified conglomerate. With three distinct business lines – healthcare, financial services and information management – witnessing rapid growth, the Company’s consistent transformation and value creation for its stakeholders, along with a peek into the future, had to be captured in a cohesive, singular design approach. We also needed to ensure that the report met the highest standards of corporate disclosure
and transparency.

We used abstract images and distinct colours, along with smart texts and custom graphics, to bring the story of transformation for each of the business lines to life. Given the voluminous report (292 pages), we needed to ensure that the report was well-engineered and fluid enough to aid easy navigation and effective data consumption. The cover was kept simple, but enticing enough to pique readers’ interest.

We also created the online version by repurposing content from the print version and providing a user-friendly and intuitive navigation interface. We ensured that each section in report was accessible to the reader in two clicks at most. The user could also download standalone sections without having to download the entire report. The online version not only provided accessibility anytime, anywhere, but also created an immersive experience for
the readers.

"AICL has been a reliable partner in our corporate reporting journey. They have played an important role in helping us redefine the way Piramal Enterprises is perceived and have helped us effectively articulate our value proposition cogently and comprehensively to our investors and broader stakeholder group. We rely on AICL for their advice on how to keep raising the bar on reporting. The appreciation we have received and the awards our reports have won are a testimony to the excellent partnership that AICL has provided us."

Vijay Shah, Executive Director, Piramal Enterprises Ltd.