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Celebrating 75 years of J&K Bank

Jammu & Kashmir (J&K) Bank is the first bank in India to emerge as a state-owned one. It provides universal banking solutions in its home state and specialised services in rest of India. The year 2013 marked 75 years of J&K Bank’s service to empower households and small and medium enterprises.

The wondrous wealth of the magical state, diverse hues and forms of its natural bounty were interspersed with a lyrical illustration-based style, to create a unique identity that celebrated the platinum jubilee occasion.

Each year the Bank distributes year-end giveaways to usher in the New Year with renewed energy and verve. Given their huge resonance with the people of J&K, the calendar has become synonymous with the Bank and is eagerly awaited each year.

The AICL team took inspiration from the breathtakingly beautiful gems of this state – natural, historical and cultural to craft a central theme that journeyed through the colours of J&K on the pages of the wall calendar.

We also undertook environment branding for various events such as knowledge lectures, artisan meets and the celebration event in Mumbai. The branding was also extended to the environment graphics for their new office building in the city.

"We have a got a special Platinum Jubilee logo on the calendar along with all other bank collaterals this year. The Bank’s calendar has, over the years, earned an element of trust and authenticity among the people.”

Mushtaq Ahmad, Chairman and CEO, J&K Bank