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An effective field force

Pfizer is one of the leading pharmaceutical companies in India. In 2016, the Company decided to reach out to employees through their newsletter, Crucible, with a special edition dedicated to its field force, celebrating their successes and perseverance. We were required to follow their visual brand guidelines in terms of colour, illustration style and typography to be in line with the Company's global branding.

While many rules of the game were set, we managed to create something refreshing and engaging for Crucible, their in-house newsletter. Each section was colour-coded and fleshed out with a specific design language in line with the content. For the 'In focus' section, each article was presented as legend-speak, layouts were treated with a heavy Pfizer Purple colour scheme (suggesting royalty) and text blurbs were presented as historical 'doctrines' or 'code'. The cover was the result of a creative exercise that involved many of the top leaders of Pfizer India. In a fun photography session, portraits of them holding a blank placard were shot. While designing the composite cover, we imposed the words 'Field Force is Special' on the placards. The idea was to push the message that 'the field force is special', which was wholeheartedly endorsed by all.

We led a design and content approach that acknowledged the commitment of the field force. The inside pages were designed keeping with the idea of delivering a vibrant and celebratory spirit. Each section had a different colour and was aligned with the content. The issue was well-received and appreciated for its dynamic layout and bright content.