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The pursuit of an equal world

Oxfam India is a nonprofit organisation that works to address the root causes of poverty and inequality under the guiding framework of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Oxfam is supported by some of the world’s largest charities and aided by these efforts Oxfam is addressing specific issues to achieve economic justice, essential services, gender justice, humanitarian and disaster risk reduction in its wide social spectrum.

Creating a human narrative

To mark the 65th year of its presence in India, in 2016 Oxfam wanted to reinforce the vision, values and universal rights that it represents while reiterating the all-inclusive approach to humanity and life the world over. We helped create a human narrative accentuated by powerful imagery, strong infographics and distinct colours and fonts in line with the brand’s set guidelines. Callouts for statistics, images, text, case studies were packaged in a manner that made their presence both relevant
and imperative.

An immersive virtual experience

We also rolled out the online version which was designed to create an immersive virtual experience with smart scrolls and animation. The wireframe for the microsite was created in such a way that every section of the report was accessible within two clicks at most. We also created functionalities to help visitors download sections of the report without having to download the entire document.