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Building on tomorrow’s opportunities

Welspun Corp Limited(WCL) is a flagship company of the $3 billion Welspun Group and one of the world’s leading manufacturers of large-diameter line pipes used especially in the Oil & Gas sector. The Company has created a distinct identity by supplying pipes to the world’s deepest, longest, highest and heaviest pipeline projects.

Given the volatility in global oil prices and a slower-than-expected recovery in the commodities sector, Welspun had a challenging FY 2016-17. It thus became imperative for the management to share their optimism with stakeholders and explain how the Company was geared towards exploring business opportunities in the forthcoming year. The leadership also wanted to convey that the Company was rapidly building capabilities and adapting to the ever-changing product requirements.

Staying Agile. Staying Relevant.

We chose ‘Prepared for Tomorrow’ as the central theme of the report to communicate WCL’s readiness to deliver and grow its business domestically and globally. The report conveyed how WCL continues to enhance its value proposition, customer reach and technical know-how, putting the company at the forefront of increasingly diversified and technically demanding projects worldwide. We showcased that, despite the changing market dynamics, WCL’s business was focused on expanding capabilities to transform challenges into opportunities.