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Demystifying a hyperlocal search giant

Just Dial is India’s leading hyperlocal search engine. The Company started offering local search services in 1996, the same year Sergey Brin and Larry Page, two PhD students, started Google as a research project in their Stanford University dorm. Being a first-mover in the Internet economy had its advantages, but the dotcom bust at the start of the millennium made investors sceptic about internet companies. A rapidly evolving mobile technology landscape, especially in India, also meant that Just Dial had to change its business model over time to keep pace with the changes.

Ringing in clarity

Post its IPO (the issue was oversubscribed almost 12 times) in June 2013, the Company needed to reinforce its unique value proposition built around life in the IoT world under the theme of 'Making search do more' for the 2012-13 AR. The overarching objective, however, was to demystify a largely misunderstood business model. By using smart iconography and infographics, the report was designed to celebrate Just Dial’s journey from an online classifieds company to a search solutions provider across voice, internet, SMS and mobile internet.

Seamless across emerging platforms

For the 2013-14 AR, we identified 'Helping India make the online switch' as the theme to reinforce Just Dial’s efforts to upgrade its data engine, analytics engine and front-end. The report also highlighted the Company’s proven track record in search monetisation, scalable technology platforms and experienced leadership and management teams. In addition, we highlighted how Just Dial was enhancing shareholder value by leveraging its asset-light business model and debt-free balance sheet, and expanding its dominant presence in the local
search market.