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A cohesive reporting suite

IIFL Holdings is one of India’s leading diversified financial services group with interests in non-banking and housing finance, asset management, financial advisory and broking, mutual funds and investment banking, to name a few. We created a cohesive reporting suite for IIFL Holdings and three of its subsidiaries – IIFL Finance, IIFL Housing and Samasta Microfinance Limited for FY 2016-17.

Focus differentiated

In the 2016-17 Annual Report for IIFL Holdings, the aim was to emphasise the group’s ‘Mission 2020’ goals comprising 3Ds: doubling revenue, developing a durable business model and de-risking it through various factors. This corporate strategy was showcased under Durable and De-risked Growth, the report's overall theme. It helped set the tone for reporting the Company’s competitive advantages, business model and strategic priorities. For IIFL Finance, the group's NBFC, the focus for the year was retail lending and expansion of reach using digital channels. ‘Retail Lending. Digital Delivery’ as the theme to highlight the Company’s emphasis on retail lending and focus on digital channels to expand reach. In the report for IIFL Housing Finance, the idea was to highlight the company’s objective of fulfilling aspirations of owning a home through the underlying narrative of ‘Small Houses, Big Dreams’. For its micro-lending arm, Samasta Microfinance, the report was aptly titled, ‘Fortune at the bottom of the Pyramid’, to emphasise the Company’s focus on
financial inclusion.

Distinct yet unified

Our primary challenge was to ensure that the four reports were aligned with each other in terms of brand identity and overall design without losing the distinct identity of each business segment. Graphs and charts, infographics, fonts, and colour palette were used intelligently to establish interconnectedness across the reporting, while the narrative style was smartly used as a differentiator among the group companies.