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Delivering energy for a sustainable world

BW LPG ships LPG worldwide through its fleet of 55 very large gas carriers (VLGCs) and large gas carriers (LGCs). Founded in 1935, BW LPG entered the LPG market in 1975 and is now the global leader in the delivery of clean energy around the world. The Company has had a solid run since its listing on the Oslo Stock Exchange in 2013, riding the wave of increased LPG demand, especially from Asia. However, in 2016, softening charter rates due to the entry of new vessels impacted earnings. Also, demand for VLGCs weakened due to the shrinking spread between the US and Asian LPG prices.

Navigating rough waters

Against this backdrop, BW LPG needed to reassure its shareholders about the Company’s strategic direction and the positive outlook for LPG. Taking a long-term view on the business, we arrived at the 'Delivering Energy for a Sustainable World' theme to narrate a compelling story of assurance and competence in a volatile business environment. The report highlighted BW LPG’s growing importance in satiating the world’s clean energy appetite through inorganic fleet expansion as well as operational improvements and cost efficiency.

A green sustainable future by design

With the Company betting big on green energy transportation globally, we employed minimal text, aided by smart infographics and clean lines, to illustrate the 'power of LPG' as a sustainable energy source across industries and consumers – from transportation to power, and farming to cooking. That same design philosophy was applied to demonstrate how BW LPG, as the global leader in maritime LPG, is delivering value to its clients and shareholders by optimising vessel utilisation and expanding global footprint through consolidation in an environmentally challenged world.