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Celebrating customer centricity

Axis Bank, one of India’s leading private sector banks has an extensive customer spectrum. Despite industry uncertainties, regulatory constraints, technological changes and economic volatility, the Bank continues to build on its customer centricity philosophy. The 2016-17 Annual Report theme, ‘Our Customers. Our World’ tells the story of Axis Bank’s customer-first strategy, achieved through an optimum balance of old-world grace and new-age technology.

Clarity and insight

We worked with the Axis team to develop content that explained the business clearly - against the backdrop of seminal economic reforms and a changing business scenario. We also highlighted Axis Bank's diversified business mix and rapidly expanding digital bandwidth. The content flow focussed on key customer initiatives designed to cater to the Bank’s growing customer universe comprising different categories and age groups.

Resilience and recall

Insights into the Bank’s operating highlights reflected its resilient DNA and focus on profitability in a year marked by high liquidity and very low corporate credit demand. The report also displayed strong KPIs and a clear roadmap for the future. The overall narrative and visual richness enabled easier appreciation of the Bank’s strategy and performance. The treatment was aligned with the brand’s overall look and feel, with emphasis on realistic imagery that represented its stakeholder universe. The creative assets deployed included functional graphics and data-led information design for ease of understanding. The online annual report incorporated intuitive navigation and animation to engage visitors and ensure reader convenience.