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Do the Heart Thing

Tata Engage, the volunteering arm of the Tata Sustainability Group (TSG), partners with non-profits to help facilitate Tata employees, their families and Tata retirees to volunteer their time, effort and skills towards social efforts in a planned and sustainable manner. Tata Volunteering Week (TVW), one of the flagship programmes of Tata Engage, is organised group-wide across a four-week period, twice a year. TVW has partnered with 650 NGOs across 150 locations since its inception in 2014.

We helped TSG yet again conceive, conceptualise and design launch videos, mailers, social media updates, website banners and merchandise for the 10th edition of TVW in 2017-18. Across the campaign, we strived to build a compelling case for contribution and change, with ‘Do the Heart Thing’ being the underlying theme. The thought behind the theme – in a generation influenced by social media, likes and hearts are what tug at our emotions. Today, all our time is invested in liking and sharing things on social media. We helped TVW develop an idea that encouraged people to move away from social media and look into themselves and say – Do what’s right… what’s humane. All the collaterals designed for TVW10 were colourful, illustrative and simple to ensure that the goal took centre stage.

The campaign was inclusive right from the beginning. It began with teasers and social media banners that built up the reveal and set the pace for the subsequent weeks of the campaign. Inspiring mailers, updates and customised videos encouraged people to register and maintained the momentum throughout the campaign. Volunteers enthusiastically scaled peaks to raise funds for charity, visited government schools to distribute educational kits and conducted coaching programmes for track and field events for community school students. These represent only a handful of the countless volunteering initiatives that took place during the 10th edition of TVW.

The campaign received tremendous response, surpassing the earlier edition. Through TVW 10, the Tata group saw participation of 45 Companies, spread across 16 Countries and 150+ Locations, wherein 600+ partners engaged in over 2800 activities in FY 2017-18, moving it up to the list of top 10 corporates recognised for its volunteering effort.