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A rare heritage brought to life

Jammu and Kashmir Academy of Art, Culture and Languages was set up to foster awareness at a nation-wide level around the visual and performing arts emanating from the State of Jammu & Kashmir. The Department wanted to chronicle the State's treasured legacy and artistic marvel using a visual narrative. It adopted the theme of ‘Self-Discovery’ for the 2017 Calendar.

The story-telling spun around some rare manuscripts and ancient scriptures – the 300-year-old 'Wasay-e-Luqman', a calligraphic masterpiece based on the legendary Hakeem Luqman's advice and Sharda Script, ancient Indian texts written in Kashmiri and Persian languages, the diaries of one of Kashmir’s prominent poets, a legendary painting and a formal treatise to name a few.

The Calendar helped showcase the rare and often forgotten treasure trove of Jammu & Kashmir's
cultural heritage.

“The compiling of the Calendar is a maiden effort to bring the treasured creative art of Jammu and Kashmir in the public domain. Aimed at rebuilding a culturally conscious society, the Calendar designed by the Department of Culture presents a visual narrative of J&K's treasured heritage and history. The basic concept behind this unique effort is to 'rediscover, reflect and revive'."

Haseeb Drabu, Minister for Finance & Culture, Jammu & Kashmir