Visual articulation
of a vibrant brand

Titan has been synonymous with style statements in India, initially with watches and then with jewellery, eyewear and fragrances. Backed by the Tata group, Titan has always been one of the most sought-after lifestyle brands in the past three decades of its existence. In an era of abundant lifestyle choices, Titan’s success stems from its ability to evolve with the rapidly changing consumer tastes and preferences.

To capture Titan’s evolution from a style statement to a personality statement, we decided to adopt a more visual approach to communication for its 2016-17
Annual Report.

Aptly titled ‘Dynamic by Design’, the report highlighted the brand’s offerings, while building thematic stories around its employees, artisan support programme, social ventures and digital initiatives.

The report also provided an insight, through a dedicated spread, into how the external environment was becoming more conducive to the growth of organised lifestyle brands.

The visual appeal was elevated by a generous use of smart iconography, eye-catching product images, and photographs of the brand ambassador in the
design phase.

This helped bring out the contemporary character of the Company that’s deeply entrenched in the Tata group's ethos of delivering quality products at attractive
price points.