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Celebrating a great transformation story

Sterlite Technologies – from a manufacturing play to a specialty business with presence across the entire telecom value chain – has catapulted itself to the forefront of the ‘Digital India’ mission. In the process, the Company has reduced debt significantly, improved return ratios and created a high cash-generating business with a strong growth outlook. Today, Sterlite Technologies is one of the world’s leading — and India’s only — vertically integrated optical communication products, services and software companies.

Sterlite Technologies has been in a transformation phase for the past few years. In the 2016-17 Annual Report, the management needed to ensure that the stakeholders clearly understood the restructured business model and its ability to respond to a dynamic market scenario. Simply put, the report needed to elucidate the story of transformation, forward movement and a sense of purpose.

We deployed the ‘Transforming Everyday Living’ theme to celebrate this central idea and the digital transformation wave sweeping India. We used realistic imagery and iconography to bring to life the Company’s core pillars of technology and innovation, extensive customer engagement, wide talent pool and a vibrant learning culture. The report also highlighted the Company’s core business imperatives with social and environmental concerns of the communities it works with. The smart interplay of imagery, iconography and information graphics reinforced Sterlite’s key operational and financial strength, flagship projects, risk governance and achievements towards designing, building and managing smarter networks.