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When diversified turns pure play

Sequent Scientific’s story is one of transformation. It is about a company moving from a commoditised Human API business to a highly specialised branded Animal Healthcare business. From being largely Indian in its approach to going global aggressively. From having a stressed balance sheet to significantly improving its performance and ratios. From being a business as usual workplace to a challenging environment working towards raising capital consistently.

Its animal healthcare division, Alivira is India’s first globally integrated animal health company with access to over 95 international markets. The Company has now emerged as a pure-play Animal Healthcare business with a widening global presence. It has gone from being a largely B2B player to one that has acquired and built a significant branded portfolio. Our goal was to change the way Sequent was viewed by its stakeholder community. We chronicled Sequent’s navigation through the business landscape in its reporting suite as and how it occurred. When the Company first embarked on its privatised animal health business it did so with a strong foresight that has since proven to be true. Thus in FY 2013-14 we positioned it as a company which had ‘Tomorrow Thought Through’. In the following year we highlighted the vision and actions of the new management team that was steering the Company’s progress through ‘Living the Vision’.

In 2015-16 Sequent made a strategic acquisition of the Turkish firm Topkim which led to the emphasis on their value proposition ‘Designed for growth. Built for value’. Post its conversion to a pure-play animal health company in FY 2016-17, we helped deliver its stakeholder value plan effectively by introducing a dedicated section that helped reinforce Sequent’s stance of ‘Leading with Vision Building with Passion’. Our design approach was cutting-edge and unique, in keeping with its global status and we made sure the reports increasingly articulated in clear terms the strategy being followed by the Company and its impact on the numbers and outcome.