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Amplifying the voice of leadership

Radio City is the first FM broadcaster in India. With a presence in 39 cities, the Company has established pan-India market leadership by delivering localised content to listeners. Radio City, through its maiden post-IPO Annual Report for FY 2016-17, wanted to demonstrate the brand’s leadership position and highlight the Company’s journey into the hearts of millions in the country.

Encompassing enormity

The ‘Listen to Leadership’ theme was chosen to chronicle Radio City’s robust presence and unrelenting endeavours towards value creation. The report presented a detailed account of operations and performance to give stakeholders a clear picture of the Company’s growth trajectory. The well-rounded coverage allowed readers to delve deeper into Radio City’s market ecosystem, performance and sustainability measures and comprehend aspects that made Radio City a leader in this space.

Design and layout chime in

Dynamic, fluid and structured layouts were used to articulate the management’s message, while KPIs, financial performance and achievements brought to fore the initiatives undertaken by Radio City to capitalise on emerging opportunities, increase stakeholder value and maintain its leadership position. Well-interspersed images and graphics with musical intonations were used to illustrate Radio City’s dominance in the airwaves of India.