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Bringing an understated identity to the fore

Calling Quess Corp’s highly successful business model complex would be an understatement. Founded in 2007, Quess is India’s leading integrated services provider across IT staffing, industrials, facility management, security solutions, skill development and general staffing. What sets Quess apart is its acquisitive growth strategy (16 in a decade) and its management’s ability to derive effortless synergies, creating a unique business model that celebrates diversity.

The moving parts

When Quess came up with its first public issue in 2016, it was one of the most successful in recent history with the IPO seeing an over subscription of 147 times. Post listing, the management wanted to reassure investors about Quess’ performance, strategic direction and growth potential. Our primary challenge was to identify the overarching theme that binds so many moving parts.

Behind Every Business

We came up with the ‘Behind Every Business’ idea to highlight the Company’s ability to identify core businesses in supposed ‘non-core’ activities. We placed them on the report’s back cover to clearly illustrate the Company’s role in its four major business verticals while celebrating its ‘Vision, Values, Results’ on the front cover. We deployed a clean, no-frills design to allow the numbers to speak for themselves, thereby helping deliver actionable insights.