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Building a legacy

Prestige Estates has created a legacy of delivering world-class, premium projects. Spread across major South Indian cities, the Company straddles the construction industry across residential, commercial, retail and hospitality verticals.

A clear reflection of brand identity

With the real-estate industry experiencing radical regulatory changes, Prestige has not only been able to retain its premium position, but has also expanded its market share. Our objective was to ensure Prestige’s annual reports reflect the Company’s exceptional track record of delivering on promises.

In 2014-15, when the real-estate sector in India was going through an uncertain phase, Prestige stood its ground. To reflect this unwavering commitment, we chose ‘Pride. Passion. Promise.’ as the theme for its 2014-15 Annual Report. For the 2015-16 Annual Report, we chose ‘Building on Fundamentals. Delivering on Promise.’ to demonstrate the brand’s iconic projects and charted growth path, while highlighting the improving market conditions and growth opportunities. The theme ‘Building on a Legacy of Trust’ accorded continuity to this incredible story of commitment in the
2016-17 Annual Report.

Opulent design. Comprehensive content.

The design opulence mirrored Prestige’s focus on the premium segment. We devised a comprehensive content strategy to present the status of each project and the operational and financial metrics. Messages from the Chairman and senior management were crafted to produce a well-articulated view on the economic and operational activities, while theme stories outlined Prestige’s focus on customers, strategic priorities and long-term sustainability.

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