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A story of commitment
and delivery

Peninsula Land has been an outlier in an industry mired in execution delays and trust deficit. Belonging to the illustrious textiles-to-renewables Ashok Piramal Group, Peninsula Land is a boutique real estate developer. It adopts a dual strategy of being ‘premium’ —focussed in Mumbai and Bengaluru and ‘affordable’ —focussed in other regions. It was one of the first companies to be listed on an Indian stock exchange.

How to bring a more intelligent approach to reporting a transforming business?

That was the challenge before us. We drew on our rich experience and expertise in stakeholder communications to help craft the story of Peninsula Land’s consistent fast-track execution, effective project management and timely delivery of projects. Over the past three years, we have helped shape the Company’s reporting narrative to reflect its emphasis on design, technology and sustainability.

Designed to deliver

We identified the 'Focused on Delivery' theme for the 2014-15 report to highlight the Company’s impressive resource management and accelerated returns. The 2015-16 theme of 'A Strong Track Record of Commitment' and the 2016-17 theme of ‘Delivering on Promises Demonstrating Progress’ upheld the Company’s pledge to deliver on promises, despite challenges. The design treatment, over the years, has focussed on conceptual illustration patterns, realistic imagery and vivid iconography.