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A steely resolve to win

JSW Steel has come a long way, starting operations with a single plant in 1982 to become one of India’s leading manufacturers of high-end, value-added steel. The Company also owns mining assets in the US, Chile and Mozambique and is the largest exporter of steel to more than 100 countries. At JSW Steel, winning is a habit. Despite facing several headwinds like a subdued global economy and muted domestic steel demand, JSW Steel reported a stellar performance in 2016-17 by recalibrating its strategy and executing with agility.

Aspirations aligned to that of India

The 2016-17 Annual Report was about celebrating ‘The Will to Win’ at JSW Steel, which has helped the Company straddle business cycles, align its aspirations with India’s and create value for its stakeholders, despite constraints in the external environment. This ‘will to win’ not only distinguishes JSW Steel from the competition but also uniquely positions the Company to create further headroom for growth. The report reflected how JSW Steel would play a key role in the government’s ‘Make in India’ initiative and the renewed thrust on infrastructure.

Minimal design, maximum impact

We deployed a minimal design approach and allowed key facts and numbers to speak for themselves. The Management Discussion and Analysis section was designed strategically to highlight the state of the global economy and the steel sector and clearly laid out the growth drivers that will play a critical role in sustaining the winning habit. We used limited iconography and imagery to create the desired impact.