When adaptability meets innovation

Firstsource, part of the fast-growing RP-Sanjiv Goenka Group, offers a bouquet of innovative and value-added technology solutions to emerging businesses globally. With disruptive concepts like smart cities and smart vehicles becoming mainstream, Firstsource’s success stems from investments in —and ability to implement— next-generation technology-enabled services through automation,
digitisation and analytics.

Bespoke for business

Delivered through a proprietary suite of business solutions, the Company provides a customised roadmap to clients, helping them improve processes efficiency, cut costs, make smarter customer predictions and boost revenue growth and opportunities. Simply put, with the Internet of Things – an interconnected web of machines and devices – rapidly evolving to become part of our everyday life, Firstsource is helping clients stay relevant in a fast-changing business environment.

Providing services innovatively

In the Company’s 2016-17 Annual Report, we highlighted this ‘Innovation at Work’ by outlining Firstsource’s ability to deliver cost-efficient and improved business processes to help increase productivity, accuracy and compliance. The report emphasised the Company’s expertise in custodianship of leading brands, intelligent thinking, people focus and CX excellence. We created an Annual Report that reflected Firstsource’s adaptive capabilities by using realistic imagery and iconography that demonstrated the Company’s penchant for innovation.