Entrepreneurship is an attribute

Arvind Agrawal was interviewed by the team of Marwar India.
This is an excerpt from the article published in Marwar Debates |  March-April 2013 edition

“Entrepreneurship is an attribute, and need not always be applied to ventures that one owns I don’t think that Marwaris are driven only by the pursuit of owning or managing an existing business. In fact, they are doing excellently as professionals! Just look around and you will see many Marwaris who are top-notch CFOs. As chartered accountants and lawyers, Marwaris are making their mark also.

They are bringing in their ability to think out of the box and be entrepreneurial in domains that need them. If one may generalise, two characteristics that stand out for Marwaris are flexibility and foresight. They are always ready to adapt to new situations if they foresee an opportunity. They are excellent thinkers, adept at execution and are known to be savvy with numbers and financial engineering. Whether or not they own the company, they bring these traits to the table. That’s what makes them so unique.

If you look at banks, financial institutions and private equity firms, you will find a lot of young Marwaris working with passion and perseverance and doing extremely well. In fact, the new generation Marwari is experimenting with significantly non-traditional professions as well. I have worked in two other companies before setting up my own business, but even in this situation, my role as the CEO is distinct from my shareholding in the company. Today’s educated and liberal Marwaris take as much pride in creating value for an organisation and getting recognised for that, as perhaps starting their own business.”

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