Celebrating a decade of change

In 2018, AICL completes 10 years of operations as an independent corporate communications consultancy.
It has been a decade marked by glorious change, unbridled disruption and a world very different than the one we started out in. We’ve enjoyed every moment of it and are proud to have made a difference through our work and approach.

The need for new

As is custom on such milestones, we allowed ourselves the luxury of some blue-sky thinking.
We needed to take a step back and redefine why we are here, what we want to do, and how we plan to remain relevant in the future.
So, we got to work. And here we are, four months later – delighted to present the ‘new’ AICL.

A purpose to propel action

Organisations are taken seriously only when they serve a clear need and higher purpose. Why should we be taken seriously?

A look around revealed that we had virtually legitimised a new communications practice in India. A look back told us that we had made a difference to the way organisations were interacting with key stakeholders, by helping them be more transparent, articulate their promise better, and by storytelling corporate success.

Still, why?

For one, because we are living in a truly stakeholder-driven world. Every person has a voice. The lone protester is sparking a revolution armed with a smartphone. And communities are asserting their rights over resources like never before.

For another, because we are witnessing a power shift – from one to many, from brands to consumers, and from businesses to stakeholders. Investors, employees, communities, government and citizens, all have a say in how businesses operate and behave. They demand information, transparency, and a constant reason for their support. They demand communication.

This communication needs to be well-crafted, to be heard over the din, and cut through the clutter. It must be customised, coherent and consistent to work seamlessly across diverse channels and touch points. It needs to build alignment, trust and confidence. It needs to create impact, and build better relationships.

That’s why.

To create impactful communications for a stakeholder-driven world, is, therefore, our raison d'être. This singular purpose defines all that we do, and the problems we are hired to solve. It is reflected in our body of work and the things we are working on now. And it is the reason clients take us seriously.

A confident identity

A new purpose needs a new identity. One that is bolder, more confident, and built for the future. The AICL creative team developed an identity system that is simple, scalable and versatile.

Our new wordmark is a stylised, optically corrected version of the modern, geometric and highly legible typeface Brandon Text. It reflects our clarity of thought and simplicity of approach, while building in fine nuances and detail. We are teaming this up with Museo Sans, as our primary communication typeface.

Orange is our new primary colour. It represents warmth, optimism, courage, energy and entrepreneurship, all of which are core to our DNA and way of life. It underscores our enthusiasm, free-thinking and ability to get things done, besides being distinctive and easily recognisable.

The ‘forward slash’ is our brand symbol. We call it The Extension, and use it not as decoration but as a device. It is the most obvious representation of the relationship between us, our clients, and their stakeholders.
It enjoys omnipresence in the digital and physical worlds, evoking a powerful imagery of differentiated,
futuristic thinking. 

Together, the three elements give us a stark, flexible and distinct personality – that of a team that thinks strategically and works informally.   

Defining the offer

AICL began as a corporate reporting agency, but soon, we were more than that. Clients saw merit in inviting us to work on a diverse range of projects, leading to a significant amount of non-reporting projects in our portfolio. Over time, we built delivery capabilities across print, digital, film and environments. However, this wasn’t how AICL was defined or understood.

Drawing from our purpose, and focussing on areas of work that we love the most, we have now categorised AICL’s service offer into four distinct consulting domains – Corporate Reporting, Sustainability Communication, Employee Engagement and Brand Communication.

We have established capabilities across strategy, content, design, and delivery in each of these areas, hence it made a lot of sense to treat them as our engines of growth. This is also driving our approach to people, as we build solid teams of seasoned experts around services and platforms.  

More importantly, clients across the world prefer working with a single partner, who understands their business, strategy and vision, and is capable of delivering the message through unified, consistent and powerful stakeholder communication.

A tell-all website

Our new website is a labour of love, containing almost everything that we would like to share. It is more informative, more interactive, and more representative of us.

There is an insight into who we are, what we do, and how we do it. It talks about our capabilities and strengths, and gives an overview of our key clients. It introduces our entire team, and is a window to life and culture at AICL for those interested in joining. The insights section offers examples of our thought-leadership, opinion and the latest news.

The centrepiece of the website is, however, our work. There are 60+ comprehensive case studies that offer a deep-dive into our best recent projects. Visitors can filter work based on their preferences – by service, by industry, or by the delivery platform. Every page on the website offers an opportunity to view a project. And, we will keep offering fresh content every now and then. That’s a promise.

Together forward

A connected world means a shared future. We recognise that there is only so far we can go if we don’t hold the right hands, and walk along with our best friends. We are working to instil a culture of collaboration across our operations, so that we can learn and grow with our team, our partners, and our clients. Together, we are going to tell amazing stories, create magic and make a difference.
Oh, and one more thing.  
The hunger. The focus. And the focus on delivery. That doesn’t change. It’s still us smiley
Okay, that’s enough from us. Let’s hear from you.