AICL wins big at LACP


Our winning streak at the LACP Awards continued this year too.

The awards organized by the League of American Communication Professionals (LACP), USA are the world’s largest annual report awards programme and attract entries from companies worldwide.

The LACP Awards are given to companies who score the highest across multiple parameters that include first impression, report cover, message clarity, letter to shareholders, information accessibility, narrative, financials presentation and creativity. The cumulative score across categories decides the overall top 50, whereas the individual industry scores determine the top four across every industry sector. AICL’s reports scored high on every count, given the impetus placed on colour coding, information accessibility through navigational aids, bespoke report structures based on client needs and messaging strategy, as well as highly innovative printing applications and selection of sustainable paper stock. 

We won 4 Platinum, 4 Gold and 1 Silver in the 2015/16 Vision Awards.

Our reporting work with Piramal Enterprises Limited won a Gold at the 2016 Vision Awards.

These awards are a validation of the increasing awareness of Indian companies towards creating globally benchmarked corporate reporting collateral. We are fortunate that our clients give us the flexibility and freedom to suggest solutions for them that are in line with the prevalent best practices, to ensure corporate self-expression is achieved effectively with important stakeholder groups.

The fact that many Fortune 500 Companies are among the winning entries is indicative of the quality we strive to achieve through our work.

We are glad to be in such esteemed company.