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Tone at the Top

Tata Global Beverages (TGB) is what its name suggests, a global company. The business has grown through organic and inorganic routes, leading to a sizeable worldwide presence. In 2016, the Company decided to establish a uniform brand identity to represent interactions between senior management and teams across the globe.

These semi-formal interactions comprising discussions with smaller functional groups or managers, covering a broad range of topics relevant to the business were divided into three formats:

  • One on One – For personal interaction with the CEO.
  • Round Table – To enhance interaction and connection among team members.
  • Town Hall – To enable free-flow informal communication between the leadership team and all employees at the visiting location.

The design approach established an umbrella brand under which each of the sub-brands, in this case the interaction formats were nested. The advantage of this approach is that it ensures a visual connect across all CEO interactions irrespective of the kind of interaction taking place. It also binds everything pertaining to CEO interactions under one mother brand, dispensing relevant information under respective sub-brands wherever applicable. Visually the identity had two faces to its distinct sub-branding to provide a window for graphical representation of key information within the frame. The names One on One, Round Table and Town Hall were retained as descriptors to their corresponding brand units. However, a common element was required in the branding to connect all three formats. A strapline which also served as a conversation-starter would do the job. We zeroed in on ‘let’s talk’. The visual identity helped drive the core purpose of the interactions – clarity and a fresh perspective.