/engagement/Merck AG

Dynamism in motion

Merck India has been a trusted name and market leader in prescription multi-vitamins for several generations now and also owns a robust R&D and manufacturing infrastructure. Building on its leading position in the medical sciences sector, Merck Serono India, over the years has used the medium of film to have a transparent open dialogue focussed on their core business units, strategy, ways in which they motivate their teams to do better and their social responsibility towards various communities.

Changing mindsets

Our association with Merck has resulted in a number of films being developed in broadly four categories for branding and employee engagement purposes. These include a series of motivational videos for its sales teams in India and Latin America developed using Merck's mantra of 'Focus on the goal, simplify complexity and innovate how you do things.' A hybrid route that integrated stock visuals with animation was used to show an evolutionary mindset that would help them achieve progressive goals. We also developed a directional video for their internal and external audiences using the hand-drawn doodle animation technique. This was an explainer video that spoke of Merck's strategy, direction and choices they are making as an organisation.

Creating consciousness

Merck Serono India wanted to demystify issues around parenthood. We created a film to educate couples wanting to start a family better understand the various aspects of reproductive health and options available to them. The film was intended to encourage positive thinking and making minor changes to the lifestyle in order to increase chances of parenthood, besides receiving the right advice. This was a part of the 'Parents of Fertility' campaign initiated by Merck. It used an illustrative style that helped neutralise a sensitive subject.

Sensitising a disease

Merck Germany spearheaded the Make Sense Campaign, a global drive to build awareness for Head and Neck Cancer that encouraged patients and their families to remain positive and beat the disease. We produced a short film that brought together various initiatives and testimonials of those who lent their voice to it, along with statistics around its impact.