Communicating caution playfully

Marico, one of India's leading beauty and wellness consumer products companies has a unique approach to sustainability. Their focus involves building a work culture that empowers and encourages Marico members to take complete ownership and make a difference to the entire business ecosystem. The first requirement of this approach is adherence to rules. SEBI has instructed all companies to enforce strict compliance with the Prevention of Insider Trading (P.I.T.) mandate. Marico wanted to communicate these rules to all its employees, senior management and connected persons to ensure they abide by them. We worked with Marico's team to approach this campaign in an unusual way. The idea was to inform, not intimidate. To sensitise, not sensationalise. To make the awareness process friendly, not fearful.

The challenge was to present information that showed Marico's seriousness towards P.I.T. but in a fun and engaging way. The very first step involved making people aware of Insider Trading (I.T.) and the rules attached to it. We conceived a KNOW I.T. BETTER campaign series that combined short, factual statements related to I.T. with humourous phrases used in daily parlance. There are certain idioms that everyone understands. The meaning and connect of these is unmistakable, making them advantageous to the purpose of getting the right message across in the easiest possible manner. The key messages were cascaded effectively to infuse and implement P.I.T. rules across the board.

The integrated campaign deployed a weekly/fortnightly series of emailers and posters. The messaging was replicated onto ceiling danglers, post-its, pin-up boards and individual workstations to carry forward the flavour of the week. Badges/wristbands were also made with simple messages inscribed on them for regular reminders. A highly specialised team of people within the company called Marico Compliance Squad, aka MarCos were the go-to guys in case of questions or clarifications. They carried forward the P.I.T. message through branded gear made especially for them. Marico also organised interactive quizzes, detailed workshops/town halls to create an immersive experience that helped test the awareness levels of the Marico team members.