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Augmenting engagement

The Indian subsidiary of a global pharma major, Abbott India Limited. (AIL) caters to the Indian market through its tailor-made healthcare offerings. With the support of a 3000+ skilled workforce, AIL has grown consistently over the years and is proud to have several brands emerge as leaders in their respective markets. The employees are largely responsible for driving the Company's market success and are an integral part of the business equation.

To augment its employee engagement efforts, we worked with the AIL team to create a quarterly news magazine called ‘Surge Connexion’. The magazine will include highlights of the quarter and create visibility around upcoming initiatives and events. The AIL salesforce, fondly called ‘Sikandars’ is key to the Company's growth and strategy implementation. Each year, AIL conducts an annual event for the Sikanders called Lakshya (Goal) to recognise their efforts towards meeting organisational goals and motivate them to keep at it in the forthcoming year. For the 10th Surge Connexion edition, the focal point was creating a buzz around the 2018 Lakshya event, while chronicling its journey and legacy over the years.

With the tagline ‘Sikandars are Marching’ we considered different design approaches to express the idea of Lakshya. Our creative team explored several illustrations, ranging from literal imagery of Lakshya to the Sikandars gearing up for the event. A graphical adaptation of victory marches in the form of miniature paintings was chosen. The cover and inside pages were built on this central idea. The magazine helped create the desired momentum with Lakshya becoming a much-awaited event among the employees.