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The Art of Wealth Creation is a book which addresses the equity investment process in wealth creation very innovatively. Raamdeo Agrawal, co-founder of the Motilal Oswal Group has put forth the intricacies of his investment philosophy – QGLP and his experiences around wealth creation over a 21-year timeline.

The art of wealth creation can be mastered only over time. At one level, wealth creation is a science - years of meticulous research and analysis of several complex aspects of business and stock markets. Yet, at the next level, wealth creation transforms into an art – distilling the science to discover the essence. This book discusses these essential mantras that went into the formulation of various investment strategies.

We worked with the team to consolidate and articulate case studies to depict the underlying strategies of this philosophy in a language that appealed to the experienced HNI investor and an average reader. To bring QGLP to life we developed a strong design identity and visual narrative that helped break away from the template format of a standard fact-laden document. The book is available on Amazon.

"Our Wealth Creation Studies are steps on the wisdom path – to deeply and clearly understand what it takes to make money in the stock markets. In each Study, we first analyse the last 5 years to know which stocks made handsome money for investors, and why."

Raamdeo Agrawal, MD & Co-Founder, MOFSL