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Shaping individuals beyond academics

Choosing a school is perhaps one of the toughest parts of parenting, especially because education today is a lot more than just academics. The management of Lakshmipat Singhania Education Centre (LKSEC) at Gotan, Rajasthan, recognised this and wanted to communicate not just their academic excellence but also the holistic development of a child within the campus. AICL was entrusted with the role of creating a comprehensive parents’ outreach solution. We began by going back to
school. Literally.

Aiding informed decision-making

Our approach involved understanding the school and its operations, views of the children already studying there and interactions with the parents, teachers and management. The solution we devised was based on a factual representation of what LKSEC offered through a prospectus and a set of films. Our objective was to outline almost every aspect of information that parents may need, without it sounding like marketing jargon or hard sell.

Presenting a holistic view

Today, LKSEC is ranked* among India’s Top 20 Day & Boarding Schools and India’s Top 5 Schools in Community Outreach. Our team had a lot of fun capturing life at LKSEC through the eyes of students and staff and presenting both versions through distinct communication. This enabled parents to understand the institution from diverse perspectives and gain the confidence they needed in what would become their child’s home for years to come.

(*Source: Education World India School Rankings 2017-18)

LKSEC films

“For three decades, LKSEC has focussed on not just providing education, but building character for the generations ahead of us. The films that AICL created for us capture life at our school beautifully in addition to highlighting this philosophy. Their understanding mirrored ours and working together was a wonderful experience.”

Mrs. Sushama Arora, President, LKSEC