Reinforcing brand Daikin

To retain its No.1 position worldwide, Daikin the air conditioning manufacturer wanted to inspire and co-opt its dealership network and get them to own this ongoing goal. They devised a one-of-its-kind loyalty programme, designed to encourage dealers to perform better and work towards building a network of dealers, who are not just business partners, but an extension of the Daikin family.

AICL worked with the leadership team to develop a conceptual and visual brand identity and language designed exclusively for this purpose. The identity that emerged was called Daigem. It was backed by an introductory guidebook and presentation that formed an integral part of the induction process related to dealer engagement. Themed – The Happy Hunting Ground for Excellence, the guide helped define the criteria for the Daigem fraternity, its hierarchy, inherent values and the privileges of being part of the family.

Daigem’s visual language was inspired by Daikin’s logo and the Japanese art of Origami which was evident in the overall aesthetics of the collateral and merchandise. Information was presented in a layout that was both comprehensive yet with the addition of icons and infographics to carry forward the narrative. All of these were packaged in a specially designed box fabricated with careful design and detail. Each year we continue to design merchandise for the Daigem dealer meets.