Corporate Reporting

Service Suite:
  • Annual report (Print & Online)
  • Sustainability reports
  • Business Responsibility reports
  • Interim reporting tools
  • Other investor communication
Annual Reports

An annual report is a reflection of corporate personality and direction. It is the most important, authentic and authoritative publication for the year, containing information on almost all aspects of the company. Well-made annual reports are, in essence, a platform to voice the ‘tone-from-the-top’.

Companies are increasingly using it to address diverse stakeholder audiences. They are viewed as an important tool to attract and retain investors; enhance customer confidence; shape perception of current and prospective employees and build credibility with communities and media. As a result, annual-reports have evolved from a regulatory document to a piece of strategic communication that engages stakeholders and helps build rewarding relationships.

Helping our clients create annual reports that stand out has always been our first-love. We are known for creating clear, compelling and comphrensive reporting solutions spaning print and online.

Some of the reasons why clients choose us are:


  • India’s only integrated reporting consultancy with a marquee client portfolio
  • Extensive body of work spanning most major sectors and client-personalities
  • Capable of delivering across all aspects of annual report creation – beginning with strategy and leading upto final delivery and dissemination across multiple formats
  • Large, experienced and award-winning team with proven competencies and a record of excellence

Founded in early 2007, we are a uniquely resourced team of 40 professionals, operating out of two

Sustainability Reporting

Sustainability Reporting is gaining ground as a mainstream communication most large companies. More and more Indian organisations are adopting the GRI and other established reporting parameters in creating reports that demonstrate the actions and outcomes towards building a sustainable business.

AICL works with clients to contextualise the reporting guidelines from a materiality perspective, define the reporting framework, and visualising the information.


  • Range of sustainability communications delivered across media – print,films and online
  • Knowledge of sustainability frameworks such as GRI, UN Global Compact, National Voluntary Guidelines and Clause 55
  • In-house capabilities across strategy, content, design, production and print management
  • Implementation of global best practices in sustainability reporting
  • Co-ordination with assurance partners throughout project lifecycle
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